OUR MISSION: Make Minneapolis the destination of choice for the next event or vacation 

At Meet Minneapolis, our mission is to positively impact the economic and social prosperity of our Minneapolis community by attracting visitors, meetings and events that directly support jobs and local businesses, and generate critical revenues.

OUR WORK: Promoting Minneapolis and attracting visitors

By promoting all the remarkable features, assets and businesses across the city of Minneapolis, Meet Minneapolis brought over 700+ conventions, groups, sporting events and conferences to Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Convention Center in 2019. This important work significantly contributes to the 34.6 million visitors that come to the metro region each year.

OUR IMPACT: Visitors generate critical incremental tax revenue and support jobs

Visitors bring more than their luggage! Our work—and that of our 700+ partner organizations—has a far greater purpose than merely bringing visitors to Minneapolis and the region. What we do impacts our community in critical, meaningful and unexpected ways–from the millions of dollars in additional tax revenue that’s generated by visitor spending—to supporting more than 36,000 tourism and hospitality jobs in Minneapolis.

OUR PURPOSE: Supporting our high-quality of life in Minneapolis 

Bottom-line, tourism isn’t just about attracting people to visit Minneapolis—it’s about supporting all the things we love about living here and supporting the high-quality of life we want for our city—today and in the future.

OUR RESULT: How we measure success

Meet Minneapolis tracks multiple indicators to evaluate the health of the tourism economy and our various programs, including additional industry research. The organization’s performance is evaluated based on the following four 2020 key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Group Hotel Room Nights
  • Minneapolis Convention Center Revenue
  • Partnership Retention and Growth
  • Lodging Tax Revenue

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