Distillery Tours

Minneapolis is known for their breweries, but did you know that we have an incredible distillery scene?

Crafting the perfect cocktail with house-made, locally produced spirits is taking Minneapolis by storm. Don’t just taste the creativity, see it in action. Take a tour, enjoy samples and get a real feel for what it takes to concoct the perfect beverage.

O'Shaughnessy Distilling Co.

Location: 600 Malcolm Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
What are their specialties? Keeper’s Heart Whiskey, Gin & Vodka 
What makes them unique? O’Shaughnessy's bring together the best of Irish & American distilling traditions to create truly unique and remarkable whiskeys inspired by their Irish American heritage and expertly crafted by world renowned Master Distiller, Brian Nation, formerly of Jameson, Redbreast, Midleton.
When do they offer tours? Wednesday to Sunday 12-6pm. Tours include a 40 minute tour of the distillery to learn about how they make American whiskey in the traditional Irish style of triple copper pot still distillation and a 20 minute component tasting of our Irish Grain, Irish Pot Still, American Rye and Keeper’s Heart Whiskey. $25 per person. Reservations are required, you can sign up here.

Royal Foundry Craft Spirits

Location: 241 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55405
What are their specialties? Spirits in the British tradition: small batch gin, vodka, rum and whiskey. They will soon be launching gin liqueur, navy strength rum and American Single malt crafted in the "scotch" tradition. 
What makes them unique? Royal Foundry Craft Spirits offers Minneapolis' largest cocktail room as well as three private event spaces totaling 5000 square feet, a huge patio and an outdoor cycle race track. Follow them on social media for more information about special events and menu releases.
When do they offer tours? They offer a tour and tasting package with a "back stage" look at production and tasting of three of current products on offer. Additionally, they have custom cocktail classes, also referred to as "Spirit Sessions" crafted to meet your group's needs. Call the distillery for more info, or check the website for more details!

Norseman Distillery

Location: 451 Taft St NE #19, Minneapolis, MN 55413
What are their specialties? Vodka, Gin, Rum, Liqueurs
What makes them unique? While their standard liquors are phenomenal, what truly makes Norseman a destination among the distilleries is their unique variety of flavors. With flavors like strawberry rhubarb, apricot, coffee, and pineapple chipotle, their drinks are creative and surprising, and their bottled spirits will add a nice twist to your home collection. 
When do they offer tours? They offer a production tour that includes samples, a free cocktail and details and information about the process and spirits production. Book your tour for just $10! You can also sign up for a Cocktail Workshop, where you get step by step instructions and tips on how to make three mixed cocktails. Classes are $100 each.

Copperwing Distillery

Location: 6409 Cambridge St, St. Louis Park, MN 55426
What are their specialties? Vodka, Vodskey, Gin, Bourbon Whiskey, Fresas-Strawberry Gin, Fernet Rame, Rum, Old Fashioned RTD, Barreled Negroni RTD, Wildnerness Downtown RTD.
What makes them unique? They put their own twist on classic spirits and have seasonal cocktail menus so you'll always get to try something new. Try Vosdkey, a wholly unique spirit that is distilled similar to vodka but retains a natural sweetness and whiskey likeness, resulting in richer flavors and a full-bodied feel. Check out their cocktails on Instagram or the current menu of their website to see what they've going on.
When do they offer tours? They offer tours by appointment on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Email info@copperwingdistillery.com to choose a time and date. Tours are $25 and include an explanation of how spirits are made, a production area tour, spirit tasting and take home Copperwing shot glass.