The MCC is highly accessible for people with disabilities and limited mobility. The facility includes locations for easy curbside drop-off along 2nd Ave., automatic building entrances, automatic 3rd Ave. Parking Ramp doors, and wheelchair-accessible elevators and bathrooms.

General Accessibility & Mobility Rental

Mobility Rental: Mobility equipment is available to rent at our Visitor Information Center located on Level One at the main entrance. We have both power-operated vehicles (scooters) and manual wheelchairs. Currently, pre-registration is not available, though you can call us ahead of time at 612-335-6040 to check on availability. 

Equipment should be returned to the Visitor Information Center each day.

Payment | All transactions must be processed with Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Checks and cash cannot be accepted.

Rates | Scooters are $50 per day, Wheelchairs are $20 per day

Service Animals: The MCC welcomes working guide and service animals into all public areas of the building. For the safety of our visitors, comfort animals, therapy animals, companion animals, or emotional support animals are only allowed at the MCC if they are trained to perform a specific task for an individual with a disability.

Lactation Lounges: There are two designated lactation lounges available. If you need access to this, please call our Command Center at 612-335-6040 for assistance. 

Physical Accessibility

Parking: Accessible parking is available at both the 3rd Ave. Parking Ramp and the Plaza Parking Ramp. Curbside drop-off locations are also available along the front of the building on 2nd Ave. 

Bathrooms: All bathrooms include accessible stalls. There are gender-neutral bathrooms located on Level Two, Level One, and the Lower Level.  

Auditorium Seating: The Auditorium and Auditorium Rooms offer seating areas for people using wheelchairs. There are also options for size inclusive seating, please email us at to arrange.

Audio & Translation Accessibility

Hearing devices and ASL interpretation services are specific to each event. If you need to find out if your event will be providing these options, please email us at

Sensory Accessibility

Light: Common areas at the MCC are lit with accent lighting and natural light. All Meeting Rooms and Exhibition Halls have high-efficiency LED lighting. The Ballroom and Meeting Rooms' lighting can be dimmed. Lighting in the Ballroom and Exhibition Halls have the potential to have color lighting applied. Digital displays throughout the building show various graphics which may include quick movements or bright colors. 

Sound: The sound levels at the MCC vary depending on the amount of events in the building at once and which types of events are being held. Below is a map with general areas, highlighted in green, where you will find potentially reduced noise. Please note that access to Level Two may be limited and that the noise level in these areas may not be reduced depending on which type of events are being held.