Branding & Sponsorship

Elevate your event with Branding & Sponsorship.

With state-of-the-art technology and a robust infrastructure, the Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC) provides access to unparalleled digital platforms as well as traditional print opportunities. Branding your event is a visually effective way to increase attendee impressions, expand your brand, enable sponsorship revenue opportunities, and build relationships with your guests, sponsors, and exhibitors

Branding & Sponsorship Guide

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Digital Displays

Industry-leading digital displays, large format video walls, and wayfinding systems at the Minneapolis Convention Center enable you to create the ultimate experience for your attendees. With super fine resolutions and powerful control systems, your show graphics on each display burst with bright and vibrant content. Your important show messaging provides easy navigation while optimizing maximum exposure of event branding and sponsorship messaging.

Exhibit Hall Video Walls

The Exhibit Hall Video Walls are in high traffic areas located above the exhibit halls’ entrance. These large, crystal-clear video screens deliver a lasting impression to your attendees and provide the perfect space for your message and graphics to be noticed.

Overhead Monitors

The Overhead Monitors are mounted in 33 locations throughout the Convention Center. Their double-sided, triple video monitor configuration allows for the perfect blend of attendee event graphics and sponsorship paired with event wayfinding assets.

Visitor Information Center Video Walls

The Visitor Information Center is an immense curved video wall located in the main lobby above the Visitor Information Center desk, below the Craft Bar & Lounge, and next to the Dunn Brother’s Café. This screen offers one of the highest guest engagement and number of impressions.

Kiosk Monitors

Kiosk Monitors feature events with activities located on the Mezzanine and Lower Level. These two portrait screens dual as directional guides for attendees and an ample location for event graphics.

Reader Boards

The Reader Boards are in 24 different locations throughout the Convention Center. These directional boards offer a video screen for your event graphics or sponsorship messaging integrated with the MCC floor map.

Outdoor Marquees

Display your event graphics the day of or prior to your event. MCC’s two Outdoor Marquees are double-sided, large digital screens located on Second Avenue in the front of the Convention Center. These marquees rotate through current and future MCC events and information.

Concession Monitors

Located in each of the exhibit halls’ Mill City Grills, Concession Monitors are impactful for events offering these food and beverage outlets to their attendees.

Traditional Print

Traditional print provides branding and sponsorship revenue opportunities that are a successful and eye-catching medium. From striking column wraps and escalator clings to impressive window displays, print branding opportunities offer a versatile way to brand your event, propel sponsorship messages, and engage your attendees.

Column Wraps

Column Wraps’ versatility in high traffic areas offer the greatest visibility and highest brand impact to attendees – these bold designs will make your event stand out in the crowd.

Escalator Clings

Escalator Clings are great for multiple level shows. Their placement visibility allows for various specific target audience aligned with a unique visual impact.

Floor Clings

With the ability to lead any guest right to your event space door, Floor Clings have one of the highest impression rates and attendee impact – providing an easy opportunity to display your logo or sponsorship assets.

Window Clings

Window Clings offer a zero-competitor advantage due to their location in the Convention Center. The natural light illuminating your design is guaranteed to grab your event attendees’ attention and building guests alike.

Wall Clings

Mark your entrance or guide your guests to your exhibit or meeting - the seamless floor-to-ceiling range Wall Clings allow your creativity to be as attention getting as possible.

Entrance Door Window Clings

Entrance Door Clings are the first thing your attendees and building guests see. This buy-out exclusivity option offers a zero-competitor advantage


Present your graphics with Banners, available for placement throughout the Convention Center.

Gobo Presentations

Your logo. In lights. Everywhere. Gobos are exactly what you want them to be, they can display your logo and branding assets on the floor, ceiling, or walls and offer static or moving capabilities.

Meeting Room Doors

Display your event entrance with Meeting Room Door clings.

Glass Panel Railings

Great for level two events, Glass Panel Rails add the extra touch to your event while showing your brand or sponsorship message.

Kelber Catering

Additional opportunities with Kelber Catering including Dunn Brothers and Craft Bar & Lounge. Contact Kelber Catering: