Health & Safety Information

Updated: January 13, 2022

  • Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has issued the following emergency regulations: 
    • A mask or cloth face covering is currently required for patrons, employees and visitors in businesses and places of public accommodation. Areas of public accommodation include any indoor locations where members of the public may gather, visit, or patronize and can include, but are not limited to, bars, restaurants, museums, theaters, schools, recreational facilities, retail locations, rental establishments, government buildings, stadiums, arenas, convention centers, and service establishments.
    • Effective January 19, customers of any space of public accommodation where food and/or drink is sold for on-site consumption – including the Minneapolis Convention Center – are required to show proof of a completed vaccination series or proof of a negative COVID-19 test within the last 72 hours. Booster shots are not required. This regulation goes into effect on Wednesday, Jan. 26, for ticketed events at the MCC.
      • The MCC is currently exploring options to separate food and beverage service from the event space to create a specific area where the vaccine/test requirement would be in effect.
      • The MCC remains open for business with a fully staffed team that is committed to ensuring that this regulation is implemented to foster safe and successful events.All MCC employees are required to wear face coverings. 

Health & Safety

At the MCC, our first priority is always the health and safety of our guests and team members. Our Sales and Guest Services teams continue to work with each client to establish and deliver the best health and safety protocols for each event. 


Cleaning & Disinfecting

The MCC is an accredited GBAC STAR™ facility and has implemented the most stringent protocols for cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention. The MCC has increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting with EPA-approved disinfectants in all public and private spaces with an emphasis on high touchpoint areas and has incorporated new technology such as Electrostatic Disinfecting Machines.



The majority of all meeting rooms are equipped with Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization which works by safely introducing ions into the airflow, combining with particles in the air such as viruses, bacteria, odors, and other airborne particles, and then eliminating or neutralizing them. Other meeting room spaces utilize hospital-grade MERV 13 filters. All of our spaces are flushed with outside air before and after use. Engineers monitor all occupied spaces and maximize the use of outside air.



The MCC’s high-functioning Command Center is centrally located on Level One of the building to provide guests with convenient access and efficient response times. With over 100 security cameras, our team monitors all areas of the building 24/7, including our 3rd Ave. Parking Ramp.

Team Members

The MCC has implemented a multi-layered approach to manage the health and safety of our team members and guests, requiring daily self-screening, masking, and weekly testing and/or vaccination for all MCC employees.


State & City

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