Northeast Minneapolis

Where the Good Times Are

Nestled along the Mississippi River, Northeast Minneapolis extends far back into a thriving industrial oasis. The area is an embodiment of old meets new - perfectly combined into a melting pot of change and preservation where cobblestone streets meet newly paved roads. New businesses, often local, open their doors next to historic shops and businesses while residential neighborhoods continue to grow as a city-wide hot spot for calling home. 

Wherever you go you will never be far from a restaurant, brewery and/or distillery. With a food and drink scene as innovative and diverse as the generations that live there, Northeast is prime for spending your free time in - morning, noon and night. 

Discover the best of Northeast Minneapolis

Northeast's neighborhood can be divided into two main sections: the Arts district and the Riverfront district. Both bring a unique flavor to the area and make it one of Minneapolis' favorite neighborhoods to explore.

If you're looking for local art and locally made items then you'll need to make a stop in the Northeast Arts district. This is where hundreds of artists call home and where you can visit multiple open art studios and galleries. The area is filled with diverse businesses, including all along the popular Central Avenue, showcasing the best and most authentic international dishes and cuisines. You'll also find some of Minneapolis' must-try dining experiences: Psycho Suzi's, Betty Danger's (and their infamous ferris wheel), as well as newer hot spots like Young Joni and Hai Hai.

The Riverfront district is your best bet for stunning views of the downtown skyline. You'll be lead into this part of town by the Hennepin Avenue Bridge where you'll also catch a glimpse of the memorable Grain Belt Beer sign. Since it sits right along the Mississippi, The Riverfront district is all about spending time outdoors. Boom Island Park is a beautiful place for hiking, biking and picnicking. And don't leave here without taking a stroll through Main Street, a charming walkable area filled with restaurants, outdoor patios and shops.

See what more you'll find in these district, plus all the best food spots in our guides to Northeast Minneapolis.

Getting to and Around Northeast

(Starting point of Meet Minneapolis Visitor Center on Nicollet)

Parking in Northeast varies from block to block. On and around Hennepin Ave. and Central Ave. is where parking is the most challenging. The farther north you go, the more street parking there is.

Being that this area, as we’ve defined it, is so large, there are several options for getting here on public transport from downtown. Routes 4 and 61 run straight up Hennepin from downtown. Route 11 goes up to the cluster of bars and restaurants around 13th Ave NE and University Ave. and continues north up to Betty Danger’s Country Club.

Public Transit Routes:
Route 4
Route 11
Route 61

Looking for more ways to explore Northeast Minneapolis?

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